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SANTA CLAUS -Clear Screen Print Transfers

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This Clear Screen Print Transfer is the perfect way to showcase your design on any garment. With the potential to be applied to a variety of fabrics, this transfer is easy to apply with a Heat Press at a temperature of 310-325 for 10-20 seconds. Peel Hot and apply natural, even pressure for a perfect finish. This transfer fits Adult-Sized clothing with a 11x11 inch surface area.


Transfer Instructions:

Temp: 310-325°F

Pressure: Heavy

Time: 10-20Seconds

Peel: Hot


Fabric Type

100% Cotton

100% Polyester

50/50 Cotton/ Polyester




How to Place Your Order

✨ Begin by choosing your desired size and clicking on the “CREATE DESIGN” button. This will open a new tab for your gang sheet creation.

✨ Upload your designs and arrange them on the gang sheet. Feel free to position them in any way to utilize the maximum space, fitting as many designs as you wish. Adding pocket-size designs can help utilize any remaining space efficiently.

✨ It's your responsibility to ensure all images are correctly sized, placed on a TRANSPARENT background, and have a resolution of 300 DPI. Your gang sheet will be printed exactly as you submit it.

✨ After finalizing your gang sheet, hit the green "Confirm" button. You'll then be asked to return to the product page; please select “Redirect Now.”

✨ Proceed to checkout as you usually would, making sure the quantity and sizing are accurately selected.


Application Instructions

  • Gently detach the design transfer from its backing sheet.
  • Carefully position the transfer onto the cup, ensuring the design is aligned correctly and straight. (Be cautious: the adhesive is highly strong, making it difficult to remove once it adheres to the glass.)
  • Smooth the transfer onto the cup, starting from the center and moving outward to eliminate any air bubbles.
  • Firmly rub over the entire design with your fingers; thorough rubbing enhances the transfer quality.
  • Carefully remove the clear film from the top, and the application is complete!

Care Instructions:

  • Recommended to hand wash only. It is advised against using a dishwasher or microwave for cleaning.


  • We are not liable for any errors during the application process.

Supportive Material:

  • For assistance, a tutorial video on utilizing the gang sheet builder is available.



All Ready to Ship items will be sent out within 1-3 business days.

Shipping times for custom and preorder items will follow the schedule of3-5 BUSINESS DAYS.

    SANTA CLAUS -Clear Screen Print Transfers
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